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YUVA was initiated in year 2008, as an action oriented initiative to equip the youth in underserved communities with the tools needed to thrive in the 21st century. YUVA was a formalisation of the vision of multifaceted individuals from different educational backgrounds and diverse fields viz theatre, filmmaking , development sector, corporate , law , digital media , pedagogy, designers etc, who were passionate to work with the neglected and disadvantaged youth population of India.

Major Principles

The YUVA  focuses on the following three major principles: –

Engaging:- young people in new exciting and meaningful ways. This program provides an unparalleled opportunity for youth to communicate their concerns, aspirations, and vision.

Enhancing:- educators’ skills and resources. This program provides comprehensive professional development in teaching strategies that incorporates cutting-edge digital tools.

Exhibiting:- youths’ work. It is a key element of the program and provides youth with forums to share their vision and voice for a public purpose and community development through art exhibits, film screenings, festivals, Internet, publications in local and global venues.


YUVA provides a developmental path for every deprived member of the society, with focus on children and youth since they’re the building blocks of the nation. A community organization approach is adopted to inculcate social transformation, empowerment and capacity building of the society.
CSEI – YUVA works in partnership with CSEI, for implementing their program of community youth development and CSEI provides the training and skill development for YUVAs capacity building since 2016.

Our Working Areas

Objectives of MSC

The program focuses on the following principles: –

  • Using Digital Media as a tool to encourage awareness on social causes and change in the society.
  • Providing employment opportunity to the skilled students of AYV and MAST programs.
  • Enhancing the creativity of youth in the society and also providing them with a platform to come up with new ideas which can be used to initiate change in the society.
  • Providing training and development to youth via certified, market oriented Graphic and Digital media courses.

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